Cute Kids! Tempura!

Our last full day in Tokyo started with a real crowd pleaser:a visit to an English language preschool. All of the members of our party had fun playing games–and marveled at the the speed and efficiency of the clean-up process, as every preschooler threw him- or herself into picking up toys and putting them away. As one of the students put it, “I thought there must be a prize.” Teachers could be seen quizzing the pre-school teachers, presumably hoping to pick up some tips for break and lunch duty back home…

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But it wasn’t all games and posing for pictures; we had to reckon with some of the most hazardous moments of preschool, like circle time:

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After that, a lot of last-minute shopping, silent subways, and incredible buildings until our flight home and the return to our separate realities. What a terrific trip!

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