Hello, Tokyo!

We cruised into Tokyo last night and were immediately gobsmacked by architecture and statues.

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We got to the hotel, which presented some challenges and some good advice:

After a dinner in the hotel, students were treated to some karaoke–think Lost in Translation, but age-appropriatethen to bed, ready for a big day in the morning.

And what a day it was, beginning with our last shrine–cause for celebration, since we had clearly learned a great deal about the Buddhism and Shinto and the uniquely attractive way they have grown together here in Japan.

After that last ritual purification, we jumped into the material world with both feet, hitting the Shinjuku district on a Sunday–a mass of humanity and model for how we can all get along in the crowded roiling world. And also ate great food and looked in at exceedingly expensive shops. Plus some less expensive options.

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Finally, we rounded out the day with a scavenger hunt in the over-the-top, candy-colored, manga-inflected pop culture insanity of Electric City.


Tired, overstimulated, spent both financially and physically, we came home to reflect briefly on the curious Shinto ritual known as Sumo wrestling, and we enjoyed a dinner of chango nabe, the dinner of Sumo champions. What fun!



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